Inspirational. Entertaining. Transformational.

Joe Saunders has an incredible story. From a bullied child to international black belt martial arts champion and professional bodyguard. Listen to how a split second decision nearly put him behind bars, the realisation that led to him creating the world’s most exciting non-violent conflict management program and now a corporate leader, author and keynote speaker. Joe will inspire, entertain and transform your audience with his hilarious stories, unique approach to communication and burning passion to create Black Belt Communicators.

Whether your audience is in need of a motivational rev-up from someone who has achieved at high levels in a variety of pursuits, or an aspirational message of managing conflict and defending oneself without premature violence, Joe has a message for you.


The Champion’s Journey
Joe’s inspirational journey from obese, bullied, timid child to martial arts champion and international athlete.

Enter the Real World
Joe’s tailored advice for students preparing to leave school. As an academic achiever who floundered in the real world and then found great success, Joe has tremendous advice and empathy for students embarking upon this critical chapter of their lives.

Conflict Management

Communication is a Martial Art
Hear the fascinating story of a moment of panic that landed Joe in a police station at 3am wondering if his life was over, and how that led to the creation of one of the most revolutionary conflict management systems in the world today.

Psychological Warfare for Teens and Young Adults
Every week, young people die from senseless violence, due to an inability to walk away from a fight. Joe tackles this important issue from a psychological angle and equips young people and their mentors to make better decisions without losing face.

What our clients say:

“That was one of the most entertaining keynotes I can recall. And I learned something! I can’t believe we laughed that much!”

Rebecca Wonkwoski, conference attendee, 2018

“Joe is an outstanding people person and clearly thrives on teaching and aiding people in achieving their goals and positive outcomes. If I were to undertake any further training I would be happy to pay more for Joe’s services rather than anybody else’s.”

Adam Green, Group Head of Security, D&E Group UAE

“Joe’s approach to communication and de-escalation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It makes so much sense, I’m angry that we’ve never been taught this before!”

Cassie, Social Worker (specifics withheld due to privacy)

“I am honored to know Joe and recommend his work wholeheartedly, as he’s one of the best communication and self-defense instructors in the world today.”

Georges Fahmy, Salvos Modum, Lebanon.