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S4. Ep. 9: Denise Koster on Elder Abuse, Bullying and Harassment


Denise Koster, has worked in the area of violence since 1985. Denise provides management and labour groups with investigation services, practical education, intensive training and consultation. These services specifically focus on the identification, assessment, investigation and management of workplace violence, code and non-code harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and elder/resident abuse.

As a Certified Threat Manager (CTM), graduate of Gavin Debeckers’ Threat Assessment and Management Academy, and Certified Workplace Violence and Threat Specialist (WVTS), Denise provides workplaces with customized threat assessment and management plans.

For 9 years prior to engaging in Koster Consulting & Associates on a full-time basis, Denise was a Clinical and Program Director at a Community Health Centre, where her role was to manage a multi-disciplinary team of medical, nursing and social service professionals.


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