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MVP S2 Ep. 7: Kurt Schulte-Schrepping on Alcohol-Fuelled Violence


Mark my words, you don’t know this guy yet but you’re going to hear a lot more about him over the next few years. Kurt is the owner of Big Dog Security in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.

Kurt is not only an experienced crowd controller and businessman, but also holds academic qualifications in security, counter-terrorism and risk management. He has a particular interest in the causative factors behind violence in licensed establishments and speaks with real knowledge and passion about what can be done to create safer communities. This is a real diamond in the rough of an interview with someone you probably haven’t heard from before, but will have a much bigger media presence in the next few years. 

Quote of the episode:

“When we say that the violence [in licensed venues] is fuelled by alcohol, it ignores the complexity of the assemblages of violence and precludes all of these other factors and constituting forces that make up what is alcohol-fuelled violence to the point where I don’t even like that term.”

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