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MVP S2. Ep. 5: Jim Armstrong of Raw Combatives


This episode is a tonne of fun as Joe chats with long-time friend and best-kept-secret in martial arts, Mr Jim Armstrong. Jim is regarded by some of the legends of the self-defence game as one of the best in the world. He has won praise from luminaries such as Lee Morrison, Richard Dimitri, Brian Ebersole, and many more. Jim has an established pedigree in ring sports (boxing, kickboxing, freestyle karate), Filipino Martial Arts (competed in world stick fighting championships) and of course real world self-defence having become an instructor in both Urban Combatives and Senshido along with his own unique blend, Barebone Combatives. He’s also a wonderful human being and speaks at length about why that is important. 

“Calm down!” and other dumb things we say when trying to calm people down

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