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MVP S2. Ep 1: Ellis Amdur – Psychotherapist, Martial Artist, Author


Ellis Amdur is one of the most prominent trainers in United States on verbal de-escalation of aggressive and mentally ill individuals. He is a dynamic public speaker and trainer who presents his work throughout the U.S. and internationally.  His work focuses on communication specific for professionals to calm and control people manifesting mental illness and emotional disturbance, particularly those who are exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviours. He has been a lead trainer for close to four hundred law enforcement and correctional institutions, social services agencies, schools and various businesses, all on crisis intervention related subjects. He is noted for his sometimes outrageous humour as well as his profound breadth of knowledge. Ellis’s vivid descriptions of aggressive and mentally ill people and his true-to-life role-playing of the behaviours in question give participants an almost first-hand experience of facing the real individuals in question.

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